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they’re online for a while, but here are the videos about the twitter art projects “tweetleak” and “tweetscreen” on vimeo:

“tweetleak” is an monolithic object printing tweets written near its location

“tweetscreen” is a networked installation, projecting local tweets in a public space.

both objects notify the author of the tweet that his tweet was “published”

tweetleak at st. oberholz

beginning on thursday evening, the tweetleak object is standing at st. oberholz in berlin-mitte. going well so far, tweets being carried away, I found some on the toilet already :)

tweetscreen is screening

since yesterday, the second edition of the tweetscreen installation is running on kastanienallee.

instead of installing a rear projection screen, I decided to use the existing curtains, since the symbolism factor is better–the tweets are projected on a surface which is made to keep the private sphere on the inside concealed.

building the case

this weekend, felix hardmood beck helped me to build the case for the twitter printer, which will be called “tweetleak”

new tweetscreen location!

well well. the final presentation is in a litle more than two weeks, and I have still lots of work to do.

at least i found a new location for the tweetscreen:

Tim Ringewald of autokolor lets me use his office Window as a BackProjection Screen for three days. More documentation material!

Größere Kartenansicht

curious internet

hm. looking for something resembling my twitter status showing doorbell, I stumbled over the twitter account andy_house.

somebody (supposedly andy) has wirded his house and makes it twitter.

that’s something.By the way: all arduino/twitter doorbells out there seem to just twitter when they’re ringed.

inspiring literature

i am thrilled how much high quality literature finds its way for free nowadays:

The Future of Reputation” complements my own thoughts on the topic of privacy on the internet, which I approach from an artistic point of view, in a scientific way with a solid foundation.

no tv anymore.

Philipp to the rescue again: he delivered the brain of the Twitter printer: an old Apple TV, already hacked to work as a webserver. It is running Mac OS 10.4 without complaining too much.

hacked apple tv connected to the PT-2450 DX

hacked apple tv connected to the PT-2450 DX

After a Java update and some driver hassle, the Twitter printing software is now running on this quiet and small machine.

tcrt 1000

In order to know if a printed tweet is still in place or not, I will use the IR reflectance sensor “TCRT-1000″ connected to an Arduino board. It works like a breakbeam, just from one side: an IR LED emits light with a wavelength of 950nm, if the reflected light is strong enough, a phototransistor in the same casing senses it.

This enables me to detect if any object is within the reach of 1-2 mm or not.

Data is transferred to the computer via the serial port.

on the left, the IR diode is glowing, visible only for the camera

on the left, the IR diode is glowing, visible only for the camera

the panel

For the doorbell, I will have a custom panel cut out at Behrendt Werbetechnik.

This panel should cost around 20 euros, made of 2mm thick aluminium.